Carole Urban Fabric

Carole Urban Bio Image
Color is at the heart of Carole Urban’s artistical researches. It’s an endless subject which provides her with a whole set of leads to follow. Each piece arises from a predefined color combination. The creative process of the artist starts with contemplation. Her method is intuitive, she uses what she assembled and let the exploration play. The artwork coming out is appreciated in a sensory way, not as a representation. It symbolizes a daydream moment, fruit of a secondary level of thoughts where the reflection is unconscious and where the senses mix in a synesthetic way. To choose a material is a task Carole handles with great care. Alongside the use of classic media, she’s leading a search on different methods to obtain the tints and textures she wants without damaging the environment. She experiments with diverse techniques, sometimes very old ones, to produce rich and solid colors.
Underwater Sky Preview Image